A "beautiful Buddha" with florid ornamentation emerges from a fissure in the abdomen of a colossal Buddha and dance with spirals (wisps of coiled hair of Buddha) which is blue and can move separately and automatically.
This work is based on an inspiration I got from a picture about the news that a Buddha's head was found from another Buddhist statue at a temple in Thailand. I found it when I searched for pictures by words "Thai Buddhist statue" on the Internet, and I fantasized the story of this work from it.
The story develops into a music video-like scene as soon as the emergence of the "beautiful Buddha." This change is a result of adopting comicality of Indian movies which typically have sudden dancing and singing scenes. One of the characteristics in my works is "fake feeling," and it appears as excessive decorations from Thai Buddhist statues and as abruptness from Indian movies.
I play the part of an old man who makes progress in the story, the "beautiful Buddha," and a blue spiral. Other blue spirals are acted by my mother and cleaning ladies working at The Tokyo Universities of Arts, where I was enrolled at that moment.
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