This work has been exhibited at The Setouchi Triennale 2013.
A young female teacher comes to a school on a small island and becomes friendly with students. As soon as mischievous children make her fall into a pit trap, she teleports to a world of aliens that look like the pupils and got violated by them. Finally, she finds herself in an appearance which is similar to the aliens.
This movie adopts some scenes from two movies as bases of parody: "Twenty-Four Eyes" which is set in Shodoshima island, and "Alien vs Predator" from Hollywood.
"Twenty-Four Eyes" depicts a story during WWII in the Shodoshima island, the venue of the triennale. To introduce elements from the old film, I invited elder people who have experienced the war on the island to appear on this work and visited the genuine location places of the film to shoot this.
In the latter half of the story, the story develops to violence and metamorphosis by aliens based on AVP. Some say that these scenes can remind us of the influences on our bodies and unborn children caused by the nuclear power plant accident after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Others have pointed out the relation of these scenes to the theoretical structure that local children and the teacher are alien (=outsiders of the other's area) each other.
Once some inhabitants in Shodoshima island complained that these scenes are too graphic. This experience reminded me that I was also an alien to the inhabitants as an artist from Tokyo and of a scene in the "Twenty-Four Eyes" that parents in the school tried to force the teacher out of their community.
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